Links – February 2015

online tools

Links December 2014

Links October 2014

MIT learning objectives

teaching physics resources

open source simulations

advance labs resources

Links- August 2014

Good vbideo pictures for E&M

order the book

how to make math fun for Nat

interesting and funny picture

tutorial in QM

Useful info for planning changes in undergraduate program

good text about flipped classroom


Links August 2014

video for physics

for my class

5 years for  reform in physics ed!

apps to observe classroom

mazur – assessment

go to bottom – apps for virtual labs

Links- May 2014

Links – April 2014

Flipped physics from UK

Various assessments from NCSU

test on Gauss law understanding – need password

Twitter physics education links

Education – scientific abilities from Rutgers PER

Links- March 2014

Links February 2014

graduate E&M- Jackson level   

LON CAPA manual

free book – lower level

free college level from OpenStack

University level free textbook two volumes

can be reproduce but needs the copyright

hyperphysics – plan for the book but not enought


Links- May 2013

Arduino and more

Wolfram applets for E&M

Discover channel education


Do Social Media Benefit College Students by Engaging Them in the Course Material?

Interesting links about using Twitter in the classroom